The Best Gifts for Senior Citizens in 2020

Giving gifts is a form of showing love to the other person. We all love our family members, and we can cross oceans for them. We love getting presents for our family members on various occasions like birthdays, Christmas, New Years, and gifts from our first salaries. The main reason for the art of giving gifts is to bring a smile on the other person’s face. Giving gifts can also be confusing for some people because it is hard to interpret what the other person would like. Therefore, knowing what to give to others require knowledge and research. While it is easier to find gifts for people of the same age, you might find it hard to choose gifts for the senior members of your family.

Senior Members have almost everything they want but, to give something to them, you should put your heart and soul is searching for a gift for them. The eldest members of the family are the ones who sacrifice their wants and desires for the younger generation. They are the ones who put in a lot of hard work in their work so that they set up a strong foundation for the younger generations that will come along. It can be hard for you to get together a list of things that you can gift them as they would not inform you about what they want. But, you must get something for them that will make their lives easier, healthier, and safer. For planning a gift for them, you should think about something that they can utilize in their day to day activities. The gift doesn’t need to be fancy, as long as it has excellent utility, they will be more than happy with the present.

Nowadays, senior citizens are more active than most of us. From a social media application to a new gadget, senior citizens know about everything. They know everything about the new technology and, therefore, you should forget those traditional things for giving them gifts. Below is a list of things that you should consider while gifting them any gifts. These gifts are very beneficial for them and will help them by making their lives easier. Discover the amazing gift options below and choose anything of your choice. These gifts are going to bring a smile on their faces, for sure.

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Med-Elite Deluxe Wheelchair - Elevating Leg Rests - Desk-Length Arm Rests - Padded Nylon Seat (16' Seat)

Med-Elite Deluxe Wheelchair

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LONBUYS Large 3D Number Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking Quality Quartz Battery Operated Creative Wall Clocks for Home Office BlackLarge 3D Number Wall ClockCheck Price
Memory Foam Warm Slippers Plush Lined House Shoes Indoor Outdoor Sole for Women (X-Large / 11-12 B(M) US,Black)

Comfort Memory Foam Slippers

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PICKME Cherish Greeting Card Making Kit | Make Your Own Cards Set with Beautiful Assortment of Art Characters & Envelopes | Perfect Gift Making Kit | Create Your Personalized Birthday & Thank You Card

Cherish Greeting Card Making Kit

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Kingsyard Bird Feeders for Outside Hanging Small Metal Bird House 0.8lb Bird Seed Capacity for Finch Cardinal NOT Squirrel Proof

Bird Feeders for Outside

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Cevapro Winter Warm Gloves, Touchscreen Gloves Cold Weather Cycling Gloves Windproof Waterproof Winter Sports Gloves for Running, Biking, Driving, Climbing, Hiking - Men & Women(Black, XL)

Warm gloves

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PARAH LIFE Premium 500 Photo Family Wedding Anniversary Baby Vacation Album Sewn Bonded Leather Book Bound Multi Directional 500 4x6 Photos 5 Per Page Large Capacity Deluxe Customizable Black

Personalized photo album

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PAVILIA Premium Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket | Soft, Plush, Fuzzy Light Gray Throw | Reversible Warm Cozy Microfiber Solid Blanket for Couch Sofa (Light Grey, 50x60 Inches)

Fleece throw blanket

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2020 12 Month Big Print Wall Calendar with Extra Large Writing Spaces

2020 12 Month Big Print Wall Calendar

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RMS Walking Cane - Adjustable Walking Stick - Lightweight Aluminum Offset Cane with Ergonomic Handle and Wrist Strap - Ideal Daily Living Aid for Limited Mobility (Blue)

RMS Walking Cane

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First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm | Battery Operated, SCO5CN

Smoke detector

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Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System,Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit w/LED Grow Light,Plant Germination Kits 12 Plant Pots for Home Kitchen Gardening (12 Pots)

In home garden

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Best Gifts for senior citizens

#1 Med-Elite Deluxe Wheelchair

Med-Elite Deluxe Wheelchair

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Since a lot of senior citizens use a wheelchair, why not give them the modern version of a wheelchair? Wheelchairs help the senior citizens to commute from one place to another. They are essential for making their commute easier, and because of technological upgrades, you can give them an electric wheelchair. This type of wheelchair is fully electric, and they will not require assistance from anyone else. The senior citizens can learn to use the wheelchair themselves, and then they can easily commute from one place to another. Therefore, giving them a wheelchair and that too an electric one can be really beneficial for them.

#2 Trendy Clock

Large 3D Number Wall Clock

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Most senior citizens have bad eyesight and find troubles in reading time from the wall clock at their home. Gifting them a stylish wall clock with large numbers can be an excellent option for a gift. With a wall clock with large numbers, they can easily read the time without having to ask someone for the time. There are a lot of such wall clocks available in the market, and they have a bonus of seeing the time at night because of the glowing numbers and clock hands. Therefore, getting them such a wall clock will be beneficial for them.

#3 Warm indoor slippers

Comfort slippers

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Warm indoor slippers are essential for keeping the feet of the senior citizens warm. They act as an excellent source for protecting the feet of the senior citizens from all kinds of cold. These slippers also have a very strong bottom that prevents them from slipping. Being slip-proof, you should search for the ones that provide the best protection from all kinds of cold. Many slippers come with socks also, so you can consider buying those, too. Therefore, getting the elders a pair of warm slippers that will make winters bearable for them and will help their bones in not losing their strength.

#4 Handwritten card

Large 3D Number Wall Clock

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Old school things will never lose their charm. Making the senior members of your family feel special through a handwritten card is ancient school and beautiful. A handwritten card is very cherishable, and honestly, the seniors will love this gesture. Since they were the ones who did the same, they will feel nostalgic and special. Also, nowadays, the younger generations go for readymade things as they save time, so doing something like writing a card for them will make them feel appreciated, cherished, and loved. You should make a handmade card or even write a handwritten card for them as a beautiful and memorable gift.

#5 Bird Feeder

Bird feeder

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One of the cutest gifts to give to the elders is a feeder that they can use to feed the birds. Most of the elders love spending time in the garden or sitting in their balcony, admiring the birds. By gifting them something like this, you will surely bring a smile on their faces. There are a lot of cute options available in the market, and you can get any that you think will impress them. This gift will definitely make them feel special and loved.

#6 Warm gloves

warm gloves

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As we age, our hands start becoming weak, and the skin loses its texture. One needs to protect his/her hands from the cold as the cold has a lot of negative impact on aging hands. Therefore, gifting your elders a pair of warm and cozy gloves will be beneficial for them. You can choose the pattern of glove that they would like and buy it from them. Additionally, you can also pair the gloves with a muffler to make it a perfect gifting pair. These amazing gifts will help their hands to tolerate the cold outside and protect the skin from drying.

#7 Personalised Album

personalized album

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Pictures have the power to bring back all the memories. They are the most cherished things amongst the other material things. Everyone loves clicking pictures, and later watching those pictures with your family is a delight in itself. You can make a wonderful album of all the pictures of the notable memories from the lives of your elders. You can go and search for all the old photo tapes and get the pictures printed. You can later paste the pictures in a photo album and create a personalized photo album for them. This gift will surely bring tears of happiness in their eyes.

#8 Fleece throw blanket

fleece throw blanket

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Who does not love a warm and cozy blanket to bring warmth to you on a cold winter night. The bones of the human body start becoming weaker as they start aging. As the bones become weak, they get a lot of body aches, especially in winters. The body requires warmth to protect the bones from any kind of cold wave that will harm the bones and make them even weaker. Therefore, getting your elders a very warm and soft blanket will help to protect their bones and bring warmth to them. It is also important to note that the blanket should be lightweight.

#9 Big print calander

Large print wall calander

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Unlike the present generation people, the senior citizens do not check the dates on the calendar of their mobile phones. They love having a normal printed calendar hung on their wall where they can check the dates. A customized calendar with their pictures and big prints of numbers can be a great gift that you can gift them. This gift will not take away their old habit, and they can read the dates without causing much stress to their eyes. Therefore, you should consider this idea as a great gift idea for the seniors.

#10 Walking cane

walking cane

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Most of the elders like going on morning and evening walks. It is their time to meet their friends and socialize with other people who come for walks. To make them look classier, you can gift them a stylish stick which they can carry for their walks. A stick can act as a personality enhancer and make them look smarter than the rest of the people. You can find various designs online and in the market and choose the one that matches their personality. A stick will be an excellent idea for a gift to your elders.

#11 Full day coupon for a Spa Day

Visiting the spa is an excellent way to relax your body muscles and get relief in all kinds of body pains. If you find spas relaxing, imagine how relaxing it would be for the elders. Most elders have a lot of back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. If you give them a full day coupon at a spa, they will feel so much better and relaxed. All their pains will go away and they will be very relieved. Gifting them a day for themselves will help them relax and keep their body aches at bay.

#12 Smoke detector

smoke detector

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If your elders do not have a smoke detector installed at their home, then gifting them a smoke detector will be very useful. No one knows when any irrational thing will happen, and therefore, to protect your elders from any mishappening, you should install a smoke detector at their home as a gift. You might think that this does not classify as a gift, but giving them something that can save them from any kind of trouble will be helpful for them. Therefore, you should install a smoke detector at their home if they do not have one.

#13 Premium Medical Checkup

Premium health check

Health should always be a person’s priority. When you start growing older, your body becomes more prone to catching diseases as it becomes weaker with each passing day. You can gift a premium medical checkup card to your elders. This card helps them access all the VIP treatments and tests at the hospital for a limited period of time. It is very beneficial as the hospital staff and doctors give VIP treatment to the elders and take care of them by facilitating them with everything very clearly. You should get your hands on a nice premium medical checkup card for giving as a gift to the seniors.

#14 In home garden

in home garden

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For the elders who are not able to do their most favorite activity, that is, gardening, you can build an in-house garden for them. An in-house garden consists of small plants that can grow inside the house and do not need much sunlight to grow. These plants will surely bring happiness to the elders as they will not miss performing their favorite activity. You can also get small bonsai for them so that they see the plant grow in front of them and take care of it. Making an in-house garden is one of the most precious gifts that you can gift them.

#15 Medical support system

Another exceptionally useful gift that you can gift the elders is a medical support system. Since the elders can not always reach out to you during emergencies, you can gift them a medical support system. This contains all the essential equipment that they can use while they face an emergency. The support system also has an alert that notifies you and the nearest hospital about an emergency that strikes them. It is very useful for them since it contains all the necessary things that can help the elders out in emergencies

#16 Living with them

There is nothing more precious than living with your elders. The fact that they were there for you throughout your childhood and teenage years justifies how important you are to them. Once you leave that home, they become alone and often want you to come back and live with them. The adrenaline rush of getting everything you want in your young age tends to make you forget about your elders. You should spend as much time with them as possible because as you are growing up, they are growing old too. You do not know how much more time you have with them. Therefore, you should start spending more time with them. You can give them the perfect gift by living with them. No otherworldly thing will make them happier than this. You will tear up by seeing the smile on their face after listening to this decision. Therefore, you should make them a part of your home and cherish moments together.


Getting a gift for your elder is not as big a task as you think it is. Even if you give them simple things that will be of their use, they will be happy. In case you are in a dilemma about what to gift them, you can check out these sixteen types of gifts. Out of all these gifts, your time and love will be the unique gift for them, so shower them with that!