Travel Beauty tips – Top 5 Best products to Hydrate Skin

Travelling is soul-satisfying for the wondrous soul. You may like to live out of suitcases. However, it becomes a little hectic to take care of your body when you are traveling.

Travelling brings a level of uncertainty with itself. It is the reason why most of your daily routine may go for a toss. Also, the constant exposure to the elements while traveling will cause substantial damage to your skin.

Your skin may need a lot of TLC during travel. The change in weather, humidity, or temperature may cause your skin to react negatively. Also, being always on the move may make it difficult for you to follow your regular skincare routine. You may not have access to basic amenities. However, your skincare routine cannot take a break even when you are traveling.

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Do you often wonder how travelers on social media, manage to look good in the pictures? That’s because they hoard a few skin secrets that they swear by while traveling. Want to know what their secret? The answer lies in hydration.

Hydrated skin is the solution to most of your skincare woes. While traveling, your skin tends to get dried due to many factors. The pressure in the air cabin in your flight, for instance. The change in temperature or humidity of your destination may also rob your skin of moisture. It is the reason why beauty fanatics stress the importance of hydrating your skin while you are air bound

Hence, proper hydration is a must. But an elaborate beauty routine may not be entirely feasible for you during travel.

Supple and hydrated skin is not out of your reach, even when you are traveling. You need to have the right products in your beauty arsenal.

5 must-have products to Hydrate Skin

Here are 5 Must-have beauty products that promise to deliver hydrated skin in minutes, whenever you need, wherever you need.

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1) Face Mask Sheets

Masks sheets are the latest fad in skincare. It is because they are highly effective and provide fast results. Hydrating mask sheets are also easy to use and will not take much space. You also do not need access to basic amenities as well while using them. Just tear off a sheet mask, place it on your skin, and take a beauty nap. You will wake up to healthy and hydrated skin and ready to take over the world.

For a super hydrating boost, you may choose a sheet mask with hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is known to hold more than twice its volume in moisture. Also, celebrities who are globe-trotting swear by this secret to keep their skin looking dewy and glowing. If you want to give some extra TLC to your under eyes, you may add on a layer of under-eye patches beneath your sheet mask. Under-eye moisturizing patches are another beauty arsenal that should make its way into your in-flight beauty kit. These under-eye patches work to moisturize your tired skin, eliminate dark circles and give you a fresh look.

If you do not like the idea of putting on a mask sheet while rubbing shoulders with strangers on the flight, worry not!!! We have a solution for you as well. There are loads of moisturizing sheet masks on the market that are quite invisible when you put them on. Much like a moisturizer, you can keep them on for longer than regular sheet masks. This way, no one will ever know what you are up to.

For best results, you should remember to wash your face and slap some moisturizer on once you are on-board. The ideal time for a sheet mask would be at least one hour before landing. This will ensure that you look like a million bucks once you land.

2) Face serums

Serums are another great way to ensure hydrated skin during travel. They are incredibly useful in reducing the signs of damage caused due to dryness. Hydrating serums such as Vitamin B5 serum with hyaluronic acid will help seal your skin’s moisture barrier. It also makes the skin appear smooth and refined. Face serums are highly effective because they work on a cellular level and lock in moisture.

If you are traveling on a long flight, you might want to opt for an oil-based serum. Cabin pressure can be quite devastating to your skin. An oil-based serum will help lock in moisture and make your skin look healthy. It will also give your thirsty pores some much-needed hydration. Some face serums contain humectants. This means that they can lock in moisture and prevent dehydration. Face serums have a smaller molecular structure that penetrates the skin from within. This makes serums quite effective and efficient. Also, serums contain a higher level of more potent active ingredients. Therefore, serums will give you fast results when you need them the most.

Face serums can be your best bet to hydrating skin in-flight. Serum bottles are easier to carry and apply as well. Almost all brands have travel sizes available. Experts suggest the best way to apply a serum is on damp skin. Just apply your serum on a cleansed and damp skin. This will ensure better absorption. Also, make sure you do this routine once you have boarded before the cabin Air conditioning robs your skin of the moisture.

3) Hydrating gel/creme

This amalgamation of a gel+ creme is a powerful tool against dehydrated skin. A gel/creme has the consistency of a gel but works like a creme. It means that it is easy to spread on the skin, absorbs quickly, and does not give you the oily after feeling. It creates a barrier that prevents the loss of moisture. Hydrating gel/cremes are aplenty in the market. You can choose one that suits your skin, and you are good to go. Most brands offer these in travel-friendly sizes, as well.

Hydrating gel/creams have a thicker consistency that provides ultra hydration for parched skin. They help lock in moisture and deeply nourish the skin. Also, they provide long-lasting moisture. This means that you do not have to worry about frequent applications. The consistency of gel creams helps seal in the pores as well. When your pores are losing moisture, your skin turns pale and dry. Cremes work into the pores to give you a refined look. Also, most brands offer tinted creams that help blur out skin inconsistencies and give you an even-toned look.

If you are looking for some heavy-duty moisturizing, you can opt for a creme with peptide. This ingredient will work to provide deep moisturization that stays for long.

Experts suggest that you should apply a gel/creme right before boarding. This will give enough time for the product to seep into your skin pores and avoid loss of moisture.

4) A nourishing mask

If your skin feels overly dehydrated, you might want to ditch the sheet mask and go for something more effective. Face masks are cream-based masks that are super hydrating. Moreover, these masks come in plenty of variants, that tackle other skin concerns as well. If you are looking for hydration and repair, an oatmeal infused mask will work wonders. You can also opt for a sleeping mask that will work overnight to hydrate and repair your damaged skin. Do remember to keep away from masks that contain alcohol as it can be extremely drying.

The biggest advantage of using nourishing masks in flight is that they provide intense treatment to your skin. This way, you will look like you just stepped out of a salon. Also, nourishing masks are beauty balm for those who do not want to travel to show on their faces. Of course, no one wants to look jet-lagged. More so if you have to attend an important conference right after you touchdown. Nourishing masks will hydrate your skin, give it an even tone. It will also eliminate visible signs of dryness and damage to give you a glowing and healthy look.

If you think that a nourishing mask may be a hassle to use in-flight, you are not aware of the latest range of masks available. Nowadays, nourishing masks come in quite convenient packaging. With the trend of women taking extra efforts to look gorgeous while in-flight, the beauty market is flooded with nourishing masks precisely for this purpose. These masks require no washing at all. Apply a thick layer of the mask on your skin and let it sit for at least half an hour. You can wipe it off with a wet wipe and enjoy the fresh glow.

5) Facial Mists

Facial sprays and mists are a great way to hydrate your skin on the go. They are available with ingredients that suit every skin type. For dry skin, you may want to opt for a mist that contains squalene or hyaluronic acid. These ingredients revitalize the skin and help it retain moisture. A facial mist is exceptionally versatile and easy to use. They will work as a quick pick-me-up during long flights or if you are traveling to dry climes.

Facial mists are quick and effective in hydrating your dry, parched skin. Moreover, you can use them in multiple ways, as well. Face mists can help remove dirt and clean up your pores. You can also use them as a base before you apply your makeup.

When it comes to face mists, you will have to research before finding a good one. Most face mists do not contain hydrating properties. If you are looking to use them to hydrate your skin during a long flight, you may want to look deeper. Face mists with humectants like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid will give you the desired results. You can also look for oil-based mists that will work deeper.

Facial mists are very easy to use and carry. You can use them multiple times during your flight. Just remember not to overdo it, though. A spray or two should be enough to cover the entire face. Spraying too much may result in the product dripping on to your clothes, which may turn messy.

Important beauty tips during travel

Now that you have the secret to keeping your skin hydrated during travel, there are other things to remember. Here are a few beauty tips to keep in mind while traveling-

  • Stick to your usual skincare routine as much as possible. It may be wise to carry all your toiletries and beauty products in travel sizes for ease of carrying and use.
  • It is essential to hydrate your skin from within as well. So make sure you complete your daily requirement of water throughout your travel.
  • Always carry your skincare in your carry-on rather than your luggage. This will make it more accessible, giving you no excuse to skip your skincare routine.
  • Never try to experiment with new products while you are traveling. You may never know how they will react to your skin, more so in a new environment.
  • Never skip on your sunscreen. No matter how much you take care of your skin, it makes no difference until you are protecting it from the sun.


Proper skincare during traveling is a must. Just because you are on vacation, that doesn’t mean that your skincare should take a break. Using the above tips will help you look fresh and hydrated always. After all, you will want to look perfect, just in case you come across someone interesting.

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