Top 8 Best Teething Toys in 2019 Reviews

A full set of 20 baby teeth takes three years to develop. Consequently, some signs of teething baby are sleeplessness, fever, drooling, sore gums, irritability and the urge to chew everything. See our list on the best teething toys to ease the pain.

Top 8 List

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THREE PACKS of Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules Check Price
ZOLI - CHUBBY GUMMY - gum massaging teethers (2 pcs) - Grey & White Zoli gum massaging teethers Check Price
Baltic Secret New New Baltic Amber Anklet Bracelet Cognac - Handmade 100% Genuine Amber Beads - Premium Quality - 13.5cm Amber Teething Necklace Check Price
Nibbling | Natural Wood Rattle Rings | Perfect for Teething Babies | Untreated and BPA Free | (Mint) Wood Teethers Check Price
MAM Oral Care Rabbit Teething Cloth (Blue) MAM Oral Care Rabbit Teething Cloth Check Price
RazBerry Teether Razbaby RaZberry Teether Check Price
RazBerry Teether Nuby Nibbler Teether Check Price
Sophie The Giraffe So Pure Teething Ring Soft Version (White) Sophie The Giraffe Teether Teether Toy Check Price

How do you calm and soothe a teething baby?

My recommendation list of some remedies for teething including natural remedies for teething, baby teethers and best teething toys.

#1 Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules


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Nelsons Teetha is a ready-dosed granule 100% natural and safe for your baby that simply dissolves in your baby’s mouth where it gently helps to ease the pain of teething and relieves discomfort.

The active ingredient in Teetha is Chamomilla,  a herb used to help relieve the symptoms of teething.

Each box contains 24 sachets, you give baby half a sachet at a time every 2 hours or so, but remember not exceed the maximum dose of 6 sachets during any 24 hour period.

It’s worth noting that these teething granules also contain lactose, so won’t be suitable for lactose intolerant babies.

I have used Nelsons Teetha Teething granules for all 3 of my kids and as a result can swear by it, it’s like a miracle and can see immediate results with a calmer baby.


#2 Zoli gum massaging teethers


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A gum massaging baby teether by Zoli is a good option for when back teeth are coming in, as most teethers can’t reach that far. It also has an anti-choking shield, which is especially handy if you’ve caught your baby gagging on drumsticks and wooden spoon handles. For a low-tech alternative, try massaging gums using your clean finger or knuckle. Note: This is most helpful when your child doesn’t have any teeth yet—and can’t bite you!


#3 Amber Teething Necklace


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Teething necklaces has become increasingly popular over the recent years. Amber is a naturally occurring mineral found around ancient forests as well mined underground similarly to earthy deposits. It is said to have healing properties and when worn next to the skin, these benefits are passed on to the baby. Warmth of the skin helps to release the natural oils and hence these are absorbed through the baby’s skin and into their blood stream.

Amber contains an element called Succinic Acid and it is this that provides the beneficial properties of amber bead necklaces. The benefits are said to be varied, though include anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming and to work as a general restorative. Since necklaces could break and loose beads are a choking hazard therefore make sure that the beads are individually knotted.


#4 Wood Teethers


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Do you prefer baby teethers made from natural materials? Then without a doubt these Wood Teethers  are great. Plus some babies might like to chew on something harder.  These wood teethers are soothing and simply designed and perfect for your baby to chew on. Highly recommend for best teething toys. 


#5 Frozen Washcloth


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First and foremost, the most effective remedy and cheapest is to wet a clean washcloth and put it in the fridge or freezer for half an hour. Then give it to your little one to bite and suck. The textured fabric plus the numbing effect from the cold subsequently provides the perfect calming combo.

If teething is causing feeding to be a challenge, other useful remedies can be found in your kitchen.

You could try wrapping some frozen fruit in a clean washcloth or handkerchief. While your baby is biting through your chilled homemade teether, the sweet tastes could get him/her interested in eating again. Besides, for a convenient substitute, have a look at Mesh Teether. Not only does it allows your enjoy delicious finger foods and it also works great as a teether by putting frozen fruit in the mesh.


#6 Razbaby RaZberry Teether


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The Razbaby’s fruit-shaped, pure silicone nipple has a nubby texture that works great for soothing your baby’s sore gums. Silicone is a perfectly safe substance for babies to chew on; additionally, since it doubles as a paci, this teether will help keep yours calm.


#7 Nuby Nibbler Teether


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The Nuby Nibbler is actually a self-feeder and teether in one . Fill the removable, washable mesh bag with ice to make a traditional teether; or pack it with fruits or veggies to give your toothless one a safe taste sensation. Pack it with fruits and pop it in the freezer for a tasty teething treat. For easy cleaning, just make sure to rinse it right away.


#8 Sophie The Giraffe Teether Teether Toy


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Sophie the giraffe is a popular classic teether toy which is made with 100% natural soft rubber. Hence the best teething toys. It is slender, flexible and soft, therefore your baby can squeeze and chew it safely. Chewing on Sophie teether toy provides lots of comfort and doubles as a treasured companion in the car seat and stroller.