15 Tips to improve your room lighting

Lights instantly brighten up any space. Well, that’s what lights are supposed to do. But then again, nothing out of proportion is beautiful. And it’s the same for room lighting. Proper lighting is crucial to have a well-lit room that looks spacious, neat, and luxurious. The variety of lights, available on the market, is convenient to use the floor area in the apartment efficiently. When it comes to choosing the right kind for the right amount of light, we often require expert advice. But not all of us can financially support one. Hence, here are some of the important tips to help you to figure out ways to have a well-lit room.

  1. Go big and chic: People often underestimate the importance of a well-lit room. A suitable lamp on the bed-side table can change the look of the bedroom. The amount of lighting in the room is directly proportional to the mood it creates. Mood lighting is a good theme for our bedroom. You can set up a classy chandelier to create a romantic mood. It keeps the room well-lit and not too bright at night.
  2. Go bold with some gold: If you think golden fixtures are a little too much, then you need to think again.  Gold can be loud, but your living room could use a touch of gold. For your living room lighting, you can use some high ceiling golden fixtures. But keep in mind the color of the walls, if your walls are white then golden is a color you should opt for your living room lights. The golden color will draw attention to the high ceilings. Ceiling lights are efficient and beautiful. They can brighten up the room and also maintain the classy mood of the room. But ceiling fixtures are not standalone pieces. Hence, if your room does not receive enough natural light then, ceiling fixtures are your best options. Remember, when it comes to ceiling fixtures, you need to use some other source of light as well. Ceiling lights are not always enough. Hence you need to add in some extra push to brighten the room.
  3. The focus of your powder room: Powder room without the right amount of light is of no use. We need good and spotlights for the powder room. But choosing the right kind of light amongst the plethora of options can be tricky. Home decor designers and home designers often suggest slime scones. They save the space and brighten up the room too. As powder rooms are usually small; you need to utilize the space efficiently
    As it is a powder room, you cannot compromise on the amount of light. Hence you need small but bright lights for this room. Overhead lights can be too harsh, so you need to choose one or two sorts of lights. Mix and match the lights; this will create a pretty sequence. Make the powder room a little open so that you can utilize the natural light as well.
  4. Your lamp might need a new shade: We need to focus on the lampshades. Yes, they are as vital as the paint on your walls, the light in the room, and the color of your curtains. Modern floor lamp are in trend. They make your room look clean and chic. But pay attention to your lamps. Maybe your lampshades are crying for help. The color and pattern of your lampshade make a lot of difference, it affects the quality of your light. Lampshades are not just showpieces. Utilize it well to enhance the beauty of your room. Lampshades come in various colors and patterns. Don’t be shy to explore some traditional lampshades. But if your room doesn’t have natural light then, go for mesh lampshades. They will enhance the light in your room.
  5. Give your room a warmer tone: Just like your sitting area, the room light should be inviting. Yellow lights are warmer than bright white lights which are a little too harsh. The warmer tone of the light sets the mood right, and your room becomes inviting. It is excellent for a chilled-out evening setting for your parties and hangouts. Dim yellow lights are relaxing; some of it in your bedroom can help you have a better sleep. It is not just a saying; it has a scientific reason. Blue lights suppress melatonin and that in turn promotes good sleep. But how to achieve soft light? Use incandescent lights. That’s going to create the magic.
  6. Mirror mirror on the wall: Mirrors do the trick. They make your room look more spacious and more open. It is used in the jewelry shops too; the trick lies in the reflection. Imagine this, if there is a window in the room place a mirror across it. It helps to create an illusion; the sunlight bounces and maximizes the room space. It will give your room all the light that it needs with just a few changes.
  7. Modern floor lamps: If space is a concern, then you should go for vertical floor lamps. Make use of the height. Install long vertical lamps to take advantage of the height of your room. They enhance the chic-look of your room and also brighten it up. The beauty of these lights is their variety of sizes. With the help of these lights, you can utilize every corner of your room. Another way to utilize most space in your room is to install wall lights. Use wall space and install lights to give your walls a make-over. These lights come in the form of fixtures; they are pieces of pure art. They brighten your walls and your room. Wall lights also make your room look more elegant and classy.

    The modern lights on the market enable us to choose the lights wisely. The shapes, colors, shades, and heights all affect the look of your room. Choose according to the purpose, according to your room size and needs.

  8. Let Your Walls Speak: A lot of times, it is not merely about the lighting systems that you are using for your place, but the walls there. The color and type of paints that you are using for your walls make a lot of difference to the appearance of your rooms. You would want your child’s study room well-lit, while a living-room where you can relax or watch the TV shouldn’t be distracting to your eyes.
  9. Time to Get Smarter: Different occasions call for different lighting styles but you can’t change your fixtures every time. A smart solution to getting the brightness and colors that you prefer is by using intelligent lighting systems at your home. Various manufacturers offer smart lights with which you can change the colors and brightness levels according to the occasion.

    These smart devices come with beautiful colors and one can operate them through a flick of their fingers on their phones. Smart lights run for years unlike regular LED and fluorescent lights. Manufacturers of these illumination devices provide years of warranty on them too, which makes them worth investing in.

  10. For Night Lights: A common aspect of room lightings that people often miss out on is the night lights. Only because nights are the inactive times of our day, it doesn’t mean one must ignore the lightings to be used then. Night lights do not only serve the purpose of providing you the visibility at night without being uneasy on the eyes but also bring out the beauty of your home.

    There are various options to go for when choosing lights for the night time. Based on your preference of whether you want to have a constant source of light in your room or not, you can either go for an antique-looking lamp or choose sensor-based devices. While getting a lamp is very easy and doesn’t take much effort, you might need to find good-quality sensor based lights that light up whenever they sense a movement near them.

  11. Let Some Nature In: What can be better than some beautiful sunshine lighting up your room? Keeping ourselves indoors and rarely seeing the bright sunlight is something that we are making ourselves go through daily. If your room is designed with a lot of windows and you are not making full use of it, then you might be missing a trick.

    Natural lights are refreshing to the eyes and bring in the much-needed sunlight that people don’t soak in these days. It doesn’t cost you any money and also benefits your health. So while you look for better lighting solutions for your room, we suggest that you consider some natural lighting too.

  12. Lighting For Rooms You Work In: A lot of us use homes as our workplaces. The rooms we work in must use lights in such a manner that they are ideal for working. A well-lit room to write or read is something that every home-office owner wishes to have. For such rooms, the best way to use lights is by going for ceiling light sources evenly spread throughout the room instead of one big source of light.

    The style of lights also plays a role when you are trying to use them in your work-room. If someone is working on a screen throughout the day, it makes sense to have a source behind the screen instead of in front of it causing glare. Rather than using lights that have dull or distracting colors, the safe option is to use white lights that are perfect for any line of work.

  13. Placement of Light Matters: Depending on which part of your home, you want to be brightened up, you must place the lights according to it. If you wish to highlight the art in your room or keep the lights as low as possible on your bed, placing the lights properly matters a lot.If it is a living room that you want to light better, then more sources near seatings are highly suggested. Most people prefer their light sources placed in the center of any room, which is a safe choice that can hardly go wrong. But if you want to make your home look unique with the lights it uses, then placing it rightly does matter a lot.
  14. Using Attractive Fan Lights: One of the latest trends in the industry of lighting is the use of fan-lights. The fans come with beautiful lightings that give a peculiar look to the room while lighting up the place well. A common complaint that people using ceiling fans have is the shadow of the fan blades cutting the light source above it on the ceiling. If you happen to have a similar problem, then using ceiling fans with lighting systems in them is an option worth considering.
  15. Getting a Mix of Different Lightings:  Your room is no less than canvas, so nothing must hold you back from experimenting with its lightings. Using a mixture of different light systems like lamps, ceiling lights, colorful LED bulbs, and various other devices is something you must try and find the perfect lighting of your choice. Not to forget the special occasions and festivals where you can make use of candles and oil lamps to give it a warm tone and unique looks.

Aren’t these some fantastic ways to lighten up your rooms? We have made sure that the hacks we mention here are easy to apply and don’t take much of your efforts. Using these simple tips, you can make your place more beautiful and brighter.