Top 10 items Packing List for Airbnb Stay in 2019

Airbnb is different than staying a hotel, you get amenities like extra space, multiple bedrooms, and a kitchen, often for less than the price of a hotel. However, these options also mean you might need a few extra things in your airbnb packing list. 

Quick List

5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food

Quick & Easy Food

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One Trillion, Air Travel Size Toiletries Bottle, Mini Travel Toiletries Set for Women,with Clear Toiletry Bag(Transparent) - 8 Pcs

Mini Toiletries

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NO LABEL - Herb shaker

Must have spices

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4x Dr. Beckmann Non-Bio Travel Wash 100ml

Travel Wash

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Roku Express Streaming Player - Black

TV Stick

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RAVPower FileHub Plus, Wireless Travel Router, SD Card Reader USB Portable Hard Drive Companion, DLNA NAS Sharing Media Streamer 6700mAh External Battery Pack

Travel Router

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Travel Packing Cubes, 8 PCS Travel Essential Organizer Set Foldable Luggage Bags Lightweight Travel Storage Pouch with Cable Storage Bag (Blue)

Packing Cubes

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Sealpro Plastic Zip Seal Food Storage Bags Sandwich Size (100 Bags)

Zip Lock Bags

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Hassett Green London Natural Cotton Scented Drawer Liners - Floral Fragrance of Rose Jasmine and Gardenia Pack of 6 Sheets size 600 x 400 mm (One Pack)

Scented Drawer Linens

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Dock & Bay Beach Accessories Quick Dry Towel - Lazy Afternoons, Large (160x80cm, 63x31) - pool towel for swimmers, compact & lightweight towel

Beach Towels

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#1 Easy Recipes 


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Planning your meals and having easy recipes to hand can be really useful. Easy to clean up and pack up meals that won’t take a lot of work to prepare so your not spending your vacation time browsing/searching for easy recipes.

#2 Mini Toiletries 


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Whilst some hosts may already provide toiletries there’s no guarantee. Bring your own travel size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Buy some refillable bottles and stock up using what you already have at home.

#3 Must have spices


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Whilst hosts may provide cooking supplies, it can be strange using supplies that are already open. Bring your own mini spice kit with you. I recommend a herb shaker with herb assortments.

#4 Laundry


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Many rentals include laundry facility so you can pack lighter for longer trips.  Might be worth bringing detergent packs/packets though, just in case your host doesn’t provide this or if you have strong brand preferences.

#5 TV Stick


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All make streaming “sticks” that are lightweight devices packed with entertainment.  Several cable providers now offer full service via WiFi, so you can connect your stick of choice and stream all the channels you’re used to.  If you’re travelling internationally, Netflix seems to be the viable option.

#6 Travel Router


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Airbnbs generally have wifi available (and you can filter for this when searching on Airbnb’s site). If you’re a heavy electronics user, bringing a lightweight travel router is nice to avoid setting up a new network for every device each time you travel.

#7 Packing Cubes


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These help separate your items and find things more quickly once you get there.

#8 Zip Lock Bags


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Use zip lock bags to organise your packing: whether is your phone charger, camera charger, adapters, headphones, all those fiddly bits that can get misplaced, use zip lock bags to store electrical items, things for the journey home (house keys, parking ticket and car keys), medication and other loose accessories.

#9 Scented Drawer Liners


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It is important to keep your clothes fresh on your trip. You can do this by taking scented drawer liners and keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout your trip.

#10 Beach Towels


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This is a great holiday towel. Features dries quickly, and dries itself. A mandatory purchase in these days of restricted luggage allowance.